Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Create a stamping template for the Stamparatus stamping tool by Stampin' Up!

An amazing stamping tool for cardmaking and other papercrafts...  
So you've probably seen the video of me unveiling the Stamparatus (watch it here). I was so excited to finally get my hands on one! The Stamparatus is pure brilliance, and I wanted to create a template to help me position my paper and stamps when using it.

The Stamparatus stamping tool by Stampin' Up! laid out flat including plates, magnets and foam mat.

It's so easy to make a template, just follow the video and these easy steps: 

1. Draw a circle on some scrap paper. The Stamparatus has a 7"x 7" surface, so the circle needs to fit within this dimension. I used a small plate, which luckily for me fit perfectly.

2. Cut the circle out and fold it in half three times, creating creases and eight portions.

3. Place on some Stampin' Up! Grid Paper if you have some, putting the middle of the circle on to the middle of the grid paper. Otherwise do this on another sheet of paper. Mark a notch where the folds are.

4. Draw lines between each notch. Mark in towards the centre by 2cm, and draw lines between those notches, to create a band around the top. Add bands towards the centre of your template if you want them. You don't have to use 2cm - you can use any measurement - 1cm, 3cm, 2.5cm etc.

5. Place a piece of Window Sheet (or velum) over the top, keeping it in place with a little dab of glue if necessary. With a permanent marker go over the lines to draw out your template.

6. Place the template inside your Stamparatus and use the lines to guide your paper and stamps as you stamp. I covered my magnets with Washi Tape to create a flap for maneuvering.

Have a look at this article for more information on the Stamparatus. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Stay crafty,
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