Saturday, 7 May 2016

Men's Headdress

Good morning all,
If you have strayed on to my site I am a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and I usually post up pictures of cardmaking and scrapbooking projects, however from time to time I post up other random crafts that I have done. I hope you enjoy today's post and will come back to visit my site again.

If you saw my earlier post about making a women's flower headdress, I also made a headdress for Mr Hippy for our handfasting using the left over leaves. As you can see his is more masculine and has no flowers on.

I loved making this and like the woman's headdress I made for myself the result was way better than I had ever imagined. I think my number one tip for making a beautiful headdress is to find flowers and leaves that look as real as possible if you are using fakes flowers or foliage. I used fake flowers and leaves for several reasons - because my handfasting was on a Sunday, and I was not sure I would get flowers or foliage early enough on the morning, or have the time, to get it made and I didn't want the pressure. I also didn't have a very big budget as I was using some money I was given for Yule, but the flowers and foliage I bought cost me quite a bit in the end. One benefit of going fake means you can wear your headdresses again and again and actually negates the cost in the end.

After the fake flowers and foliage, very few supplies were needed and they were very, very cheap. I used florist's anchor tape, some jewellery making pliers, and some florist's wire:

I already had the jewellery making pliers so the remaining cost was under £5. I shaped a loop using a couple of strands of wire and wrapped tape around the end product after checking Mr Hippy's head for size.

I fixed the leaves in place with the anchor tape and voila!

Thank you for stopping by, I'll be back soon with more papercraft ideas.

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