Saturday, 28 June 2014

Family cards and a Potato Clock

Morning everyone!

I promised Little Hippy that I would post up a picture of one of her cards and put it on my blog, and tell you all about it, so here it is:

She made this for Mr Hippy who (along with his dad) is always joking about getting up at "Potato Clock". Being a bit random in the Hippy Household we talk about this ALL the time.  It comes from the following joke:

Paddy goes into a John Lewis department store and asks the shopkeeper "Excuse me Sir but do you sell Potato Clocks?"
The shopkeeper looks at him and says "Are you taking the p*ss? We sell Cuckoo Clocks, Carriage Clocks, Grandfather Clocks, Alarm Clocks.... what the feck is a Potato Clock?"
Paddy says: "I don't know but I start my new job at nine tomorrow, and my wife said "You'd better get a potato clock...."

So she has made a picture of an actual Potato Clock (you can get them, Google them!) but as you can see she hasn't quite got the joke seeing as she has 9.30 down as the time.... but then she is six!!

We enjoy making cards together and it is brilliant therapy for all the stress we are under at the minute. I like to make cards for Mr Hippy while he is working away. Here's the latest card I sent him:

Nuts about You, Stampin' Up!

This is actually a SNEAK PEEK preview!! These stamps are from a set called "Nuts about You" which is just GORGEOUS and will be one of the new Hostess Sets in the new Annual Stampin' Up! catalogue (starting on the 1st July).

Nuts about You, Stampin' Up!

The hearts were stamped from the tiny heart in the Just Sayin' set, and I have done a few little additions with a marker pen (the grass and the dots in the sky). Mr Hippy loved it!

Don't forget you can browse or buy in the Official Stampin' Up! Webshop by using the "Shop Online Now" link at the top of the page, and new products will be available from the 1st July 2014.

Happy Crafting!

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