Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Retro Fresh Designer Series Paper - Home Decor Project

Good morning everyone! 
How are you all? I've been super busy this week - the usual routine of work, household chores, looking after Little Hippy ~ and trying to make time for the gym and (of course!) some crafting. 

The weather has been very hit and miss here in Surrey, as it has been in much of the UK. I was hoping that we'd have some solid sunshine as weather forecasters made a real fuss at the beginning of the month saying that we'd have a heatwave for two weeks. Well, it hasn't happened!! 

I have a garden that needs sorting and I have a very white body that needs a tan! BUT it does mean I've had a bit more time to spend inside on crafting instead. Every cloud! 

Therefore today is another project pictorial; I'm going to show you how you can upcycle rubbish into something useful with our favourite ingredient - paper. 

1. I've taken a tin can that was part of a bottle of perfume and started to add some red Sticky Strip (available from Stampin' Up!): 

Stampin' Up!, home decor projects

2. Keep going all the way around the can and put some in the middle as well as either end:

Stampin' Up!, home decor projects

Stampin' Up!, home decor projects

3. Add your paper (which you have already measured to size length and width-wise). I've chosen our Retro Fresh Designer Series Paper from the Spring Summer Catalogue:

Retro Fresh, Designer Series Paper, Stampin' Up!

And there you have it! A lovely pot to store whatever you like in!

Raid your stash and decorate your pot with ribbon, embellishments, buttons, stamped images - whatever you can think of - or visit the Official Stampin' Up! webshop (link at the top of the page) to buy some lovely new bits and make this a really special home decor project.

Retro Fresh, Designer Series Paper, Stampin' Up!

In the meantime I share this recent picture of me that Mr Hippy took in the hope that the sunshine will show its face again very soon!

crafty hippy Stampin' Up! demonstrator

See you all again tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.

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