Monday, 26 May 2014

Polkadot Parade Triangular Favours

Morning everyone, 
I thought we would go for a pictorial this morning; this is an easy little project to make gorgeous triangular favours to hold sweets or treats. Perfect for weddings or dinner parties. 

1. The hardest bit is probably making the template, but once you have got one designed you can keep it for later. Obviously the bigger the template the bigger the favour:

2. Next, use your template to transfer the image onto your designer paper. I used very light pencil which you can then rub out, or have it on the inside of your triangle:

3. Cut out your shape and then use a scoring board to score all the lines, being careful not to go through the paper:

4. Make some holes and string together. Fill with your treat and tie up, making sure all the flaps of the triangle are tucked in:

Back tomorrow with more inspiration!

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