Friday, 16 May 2014

Late night musings....

As regular followers of this blog will know posts have been fairly low on the ground since January. Little Hippy has not been herself since she went back to school, and as a result life has been very challenging indeed. Normal routine has all but stopped, and everyday tasks can sometimes take hours.

We've had some small victories this week- acts that would seem very small to most people but in actual fact are huge for my girl - and as a result we've also had some not so good moments. Living with a small child who has anxiety (and related issues) is not at all easy!

If there is one thing I've learnt over the last 6 months, which really has only come to light this week; is that I MUST make time for myself. Crafting has been the perfect escape. I didn't realise how much I missed crafting and this blog until I took it back up again. Before it felt like pressure, having this blog that I so desperately wanted to write everyday (but couldn't) so I stopped altogether. I then thought about how it really wouldn't be so bad if I just updated it time to time, but the perfectionist in me wasn't really happy with that.

So I stopped altogether and just concentrated on my daughter. To not worry about any of this was fairly liberating, although I missed it and the opportunity to choose to do it. But family comes first.

But this week I came to realise that to cope with the constant bombardment of mood swings, anxiety, negativity, tears, frustrations and meltdowns (and that's just me! lol) I must use the small gaps of time without Little Hippy wisely. And by wisely I don't always mean to do the ironing, or tidy up or some other mundane task. Those things never truly go away, do they?

I realised that I needed to start having some time-out for me. Now we are sleeping better (both of us) I have started at the gym again which has given me a bit more energy and a boost. And now I am crafting again I feel even better.

My cards may not be brilliant at the moment (creativity is like a muscle, after all), and there might be sporadic gaps here and there; but I am getting there and the main thing is I am enjoying it. I'm so glad to be back.

Here's to sunnier skies,

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