Saturday, 28 September 2013

Simply Sketched - With Heartfelt Sympathy

Morning everyone,
I don't think I have covered Sympathy cards on this blog yet, so I thought it was about time.

Handmade sympathy cards are a lovely gesture at a time of great sadness. They show the recipient that you care about how they feel and how they are managing at this difficult period in their life.

For even the most seasoned of Crafters making sympathy cards is often difficult. Their design must be considered carefully. The most important thing about the sympathy card is the message it is carrying - therefore too many embellishments, a fussy design, or too much colour can be seen as inappropriate or unnecessary; and only gets in the way of what you are trying to say.

I actually like a little bit of colour on my sympathy cards, after all we not only mourn the passing of loved ones, but celebrate those lives, too.

The three main points to consider when making sympathy cards are:

Design: simple and elegant is best. You can personalise cards further by having a theme - something that is special to the recipient or carries special memories.

Colour: Not too bright, dark colours and tones such as purple and black are traditional - however if the colours used bear significance then I really don't see a problem with it. However, just a jot of gentle colour is probably best.

Wording: Again, simple sentiments and wording is often best but (again) it does depend on the recipient receiving the card. In many ways I think sympathy cards are the cards people pay most attention to.

Simply Sketched, Stampin' Up! With heartfelt sympathy

My sympathy card was made using the Simply Sketched stamp set from Stampin' Up! - this is one of their beautiful hostess sets.

I have probably used a little more colour than what is seen on a lot of sympathy cards; but I tried to avoid block colour so that it would still have that delicate feel to it; which helps convey the message of the card.

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  1. Beautiful I love the idea of using colours on ssympathy cards in not though about it before, but your so right they shouldn't be fussy xxx

  2. Thanks Dawn. I know that when I am gone I would prefer people to use colour and to celebrate me rather than mourn x


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