Thursday, 2 May 2013


Morning all! 

I've been working hard this week on lots of orders and enquiries; and I have had my head down designing some wedding stationery (photographs to come) and getting ready for this week's Stampin' Up! parties. 

So today I thought I would just post up a quick piccie of something I found on my travels around the tinterwebs. 

Procraftination... surely most of us are guilty of this!? I know I am!

I'll be back tomorrow with our regular daily card inspirational update. Don't forget that there are lots of great offers on with Stampin' Up! at the moment, so be sure to have a look around my site and contact me if you need any further details.

A very happy Beltane for yesterday to those who celebrate it!



  1. Brilliant!

    I am guilty as charged :O) xx

  2. :-)

    Just as well there is no punishment!! We'd all be locked up - ha!! xx

  3. Actually, the more I think about this the more I love the "crafty nation" ring to this!!! :-O


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