Sunday, 24 March 2013

Stamped Vase

Good afternoon everyone! 

It's a bit chilly, isn't it?? After being awake at 5am yesterday and hearing the rain, we were not expecting to wake back up just before 7am to see lots of snow! What a surprise!  

So our trip to Volksworld ~ the biggest VW show in Europe ~ was a wintery one. Here's Mr Hippy out in the snow getting our chariot ready: 

It was so good to get out (despite the weather) and I also was lucky enough to have a day of crafting on Friday, so lots of relaxation this weekend. Here's what I made: 

1. Take one vase! 

2. Stamp with StazOn ink! 

 You can't see from the pics but there are some butterflies in there, too....

 3. Admire!!

The stamp set I used was the beautiful Nature Walk which has 7 gorgeous nature-related stamps.

I used our Stampin' Up! heatgun to heat set the StazOn; however I'd recommend using a crafting lacquer of some kind to fix it if you want the ink to remain perfectly.

StazOn Ink costs £5.95 (excl. postage) and is available to buy through me (a registered Stampin' Up! demonstrator) along with all the other items you find on this website. StazOn ink is especially brilliant for use with blender pens if you have an image you want to watercolour.

Please contact me for more details or to make an order.   07896 314573


  1. I love this vase - think it looks beautiful. I would be worried about smudging the design or messing it up!! xx

  2. Hi Susie,
    I fixed it a little using the heatgun, and I have since got water over it (and it hasn't rubbed off). I think if it was soapy water then it would disappear... unless you fixed it with lacquer.

    It was so nice to stamp on something other than card for a change! xxx


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