Sunday, 17 March 2013


There seems to be a lot going on in the Crafty Hippy household at the moment. Not only the outside changes of the season and the better weather ~ though not at all obvious this weekend with all that rain ~ but in our own personal circumstances, too.

The situation with my job is all-change at the end of this month (I will no longer have one) and so I am hoping to have more time to spend crafting; and on Stampin' Up! in general whilst I look for something new. 
I am hoping to get my Etsy shop finally up and running and I will have much  more time for Stampin' Up! parties and demonstrations. 

It's a massively nerve-wracking time for me because if I can't make it work as a crafter full time making and selling my things in the next month or so I will definitely have to get another "proper" job... so I'm sending out lots of positive energies into the Universe, and trusting that the right path will show itself, whatever that is...... 

Please bear me in mind for a fun, crafty party if you love crafting, or if you're just wondering what it's all about. They're free and I do all the work for you. The benefit to you is earning lots of gorgeous freebies and quality time with your friends and/or family whilst learning new techniques.

I'm raising my glass to the future and the exciting things lie ahead (eek) and am following this sage bit of advice pictured here: 

To book your Stampin' Up! party, for catalogues and orders please contact me on 07896 314573


  1. I'm sure you will 'make it' Lauren (pardon the pun!) - you are such a positive, inspirational person that I am sure whatever you do, you will succeed in! xx

  2. Thank you Susie!!
    Such a nerve-wracking time, but I'm going to enjoy the ride and see where it takes me!

    Have you been enjoying your crafting shelves?? I need an updated picture please!! x


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