Sunday, 17 February 2013


So, I have stepped into the 21st Century (finally).

I thought that it would be rather good to start making some videos and showcase what's on offer from Stampin' Up! - with the intention of posting up some tutorial videos - once I finally get the hang of it!!

This is my first video and in true Lauren-style I simply could not wait until tomorrow to make this.... Of course such a task would have likely benefited from some proper sunlight (rather than a lamp!) and I need to learn how to stop moving around quite so quickly (*blur alert*)- but everyone that knows me will tell you I have a lot of nervous energy and just can't sit still........

Whatever! -  it was a lot of fun!! 

I'm sure for some of my customers it is probably nice to put a smile and a voice to a name..... And thankfully my card-making skills are better than my video-making ones......!!


  1. Yay! the crafty hippy in the flesh. Cool video & very informative. Look forward to the tutorials. Good luck xxx

  2. hi Lauren, you did a great first video, nice to see the face behind the name. I will put an order in later this week. I cant wait for your card making video's they might give me some inspiration.
    well done
    take care.
    Elaine x

  3. Well done Lauren - so brave and a very good video, I would have been babbling like an idiot!!

  4. Thanks girls! I thought I was babbling like an idiot but it wasn't too bad once I played it back. My lisp is very obvious though!!! :-)

    Need to work out how to get the picture a bit sharper and less shaky!


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