Friday, 8 February 2013

Boxes Ticked!!

Good morning everyone!

I don't know if you remember me sharing my New Year's Resolutions on here? I'm not usually one for making them ~ preferring to make changes whenever they are needed ~ but I was looking back at my blog this morning and found the post and just had to read it through. These are the goals I had set myself: 

1. Take up exercise. 
2. Take time out for myself. 
3. Start jewellery making again (a passion) and get an Etsy shop started.
4. Stop worrying. About everything and anything. 
5. Do more camping this summer.
6. Get to as many festivals as I can

I'm doing OK so far!! 

I've started exercising and to date have lost 2.2kg and gone down a dress size (hooray!). I've been trying to take a bit more time out for myself by being a bit more organised and occasionally abandoning the blog (!) for a few days to have a breather. 
The Summer and the festival season hasn't started yet ~ so not quite achieved those ~ but we are making headway with getting our van sorted and have purchased a few tickets for things we really want to do. 

I'm not sure I'll ever quite get to grips with the not worrying thing but I have started making jewellery again ~ and I've taken all my shots ready to start building an Etsy shop (which I hope to get done by the end of this month). So all in all I think I've done quite well! 

Did you set yourself some goals? Have you achieved them? Has it been hard?? 

Losing weight has been a long journey to keep myself motivated ~ thankfully my other resolutions are a bit easier to maintain: 

Turquoise Spiral Earrings £7.50

Jewellery making. Hooray! 

These earrings have been made by me (sat here in my little cottage) with love; they have a bright and beautiful chunk of turquoise, Tibetan Silver spirals, and Sterling Silver ear-wires. They can be yours for £7.50 plus postage and packaging (£1.50 to UK, I'll also post overseas).

The spiral is the oldest symbol known to spiritual practices is found in every culture in the world and represents the ever-present cycle of life, growth and renewal. When used as a personal talisman it helps consciousness to accept the turnings and changing of life as it evolves.

Turquoise clears the mind for meditation and opens your eyes up to the wonders of the World!

If you would like to purchase these and get a bit of cosmic consciousness please get in touch!!  ~   


  1. Well done honey and so pleased you've started the jewellery again you really are a talented lady x

  2. Thank you. Sometimes I think I'm addicted to being busy! xx


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