Monday, 14 January 2013

Home projects

I thought I'd give you all a little insight into what other craftiness I get up to when I'm not busy being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, playing with paper, or making jewellery. This weekend Mr Hippy and I managed to fit a few projects in.

First up was re-upholstering a little stool that was given to me by my lovely friend Jane. It was her late mum's and as she was a super-crafty artist I know she'll be looking down smiling because it has been given a new lease of life (by hand) and is now being used in a craft studio. Thank you Nanny Joan.

The legs needed sprucing up with some white metal paint, but at least it now matches the curtains and cushions I made for my craft room:

 As Sunday was dry and sunny we decided to do some work on our VW camper conversion. 

We've been ummm-ing and ahhhh-ring for ages over material for curtains and upholstery; but this weekend we finally found some fabric that we're really happy with, so we decided to cover the headlining of the cab with it. The headlining is the bit above your head (essentially the roof!) and the cab is the bit you sit in during transit (for those who don't know what I'm talking about).... 

We used some super-fast stick carpet adhesive and took our time to cover the headlining: 

We had to make sure that any air bubbles were smoothed out quickly, and then we had to pull the overhanging bits taught; and fix them to the back with more of the carpet adhesive ~ which is SUPER sticky. 

We both had a go, here's Mr Hippy making a start on the sides: 

And Voila! Our finished upholstered headlining: 

The colour is "Gentian" which is a yellowy-lime colour which is so rich and bright ~ in the Crafty Hippy house we love bright colours!!

I did manage to complete a third fabric project this weekend, which is also a Stampin' Up! project; here's a sneak peek of what I made which I shall be showcasing tomorrow: 

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