Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Jane's Birthday

Good morning everyone.

Today we have a non-papercraft post for a change, more Stampin' Up! to come tomorrow.

It was my lovely friend (and Stampin' Up! downline) Jane's birthday on Sunday, as she is someone who really appreciates handmade gifts I decided to take the opportunity to make her presents.

I made her a bracelet, with some earrings to match, that are undoubtedly her style.

The bracelet features a ceramic bead from a set of aztec style beads. The rest of the beads (including the teeny, weeny small round ones) are all gemstones. Jane absolutely loves blues and pinks (as well as any colour really) so I think this bracelet is just perfect for her.
The earrings feature leaves, as well as her favourite colours. She really loved them and I really enjoyed making them... I haven't made jewellery for a long time and will be trying to find the time to do a bit more!

Happy Birthday Janey!!

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  1. It was simply the perfect gift & I adore it. There really is nothing like knowing the love & care put into a gift that has been especially made & you my lovelie have a real talent xx


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