Sunday, 9 September 2012

Good morning

Good morning everyone!

Well I have been really, really busy this week, hence me not posting for a bit!!

Wednesday saw the arrival of our Premier Night to welcome in the Seasonal Catalogue - big thank yous to everyone that came along, special thank yous to my ladies Jane and Niki. We had a lot of fun and we really enjoyed Cate of Blue Angel Crafts' cookies - thanks Cate!!

I also have one of my best friend's weddings today - someone who is very close to me and who I went to school with - so I want to wish Miss Louise R a very happy day and congratulations on becoming Mrs G!!!!  Can't wait to celebrate with everyone with a glass of champagne! I'm hoping my 40s inspired outfit comes off ok, I have a feeling I may be a bit hot with the 27 degrees forecasted - we will see! May post up a picture later if I get a chance.

Then I have my little girl starting school on Monday, so I have been frantically sewing on nametags and getting her all organised for that, this week I had no car and she was also ill so I have really left the crafting on the back foot for a bit.

Back with more craftiness tomorrow!!

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