Thursday, 19 July 2012

Lovely feedback from a customer

This is some feedback I received last night from one of the ladies that came to my last Stamp Camp:

"Hey. Thanks for organising Stamp Camp the other Sunday, I had a fantastic time and who would have thought I could make such great cards. It'll remain our little secret that Stampin' Up take all the hard work out of it by coordinating all of their paper, ink colours, ribbons and brads, and filling their catalogue/ ideas book with ideas to either just copy or adapt with your own little finishing touches.

The designs are all fresh and modern, which makes a welcome change from a lot of the homemade card supplies that you can buy. I've already given three of the cards that I made, to friends with a birthday, an anniversary, and one just as a thinking of you card. I got two squeals, and the third hasn't been opened yet. They're so cute, without being twee.

Thanks for taking the time to cut out all the templates for the projects before we arrived, as that preparation would have taken us noobs a while, and we were able to make more during the time we had as a result. It was a great help to have examples of the finished products there, and for you to be on hand to help whenever we needed it, which to be fair, wasn't too often as the products are all so easy to use.

I highly recommend anyone give either Stamp Camp or one of your other card making evenings a go. I came away with a bagful of goodies and my newly made cards, and a tummy full of lunch and CAKE. I had a great day. Well worth the money, I shall certainly be at the next stamp camp."

I'm so happy that Stamp Camp was enjoyed so much, as I worked so hard to put it all together and create an enjoyable day for everyone at as low a cost as possible! I shall be putting up information soon about my card making classes and courses - I do hope you are able to join me!

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