Tuesday, 1 May 2012

VW Campervan curtains and cushions

Here you can see a set of camper curtains, with matching scatter cushions, which I made for the interior of a van last year.

The material is from there ever-fantastic Ikea; it is still available and has been for some time. It's 100% cotton so easy to work with, and is bright, bold and colourful - the sort of fabric I like working with best.

I made some additional curtains to seperate the interior of the camper from the cab. They join in the middle with velcro, making easy access to the cab; and they tie at the sides with matching beaded tie-backs:

I really enjoyed this project, and the bright fabric really gave some character and pop to an old blue van.

Have another van curtain project (mine!) in the pipeline, at the moment it's looking like I'll be going for a yellow, orange and monochrome theme. Off to Ikea I go!


  1. Can you show us how you worked with the curtain rod?

    Thanks! Nice work! More pics please!

  2. Thanks for your comment. The bloke did it. Unfortunately said bloke upped and left taking the van with him so I'm unable to answer your question. Thanks for stopping by though :)


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