Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sacred Symbols

 Yesterday I made some time for some jewellery making, one of my crafting passions!!

I made some earrings and a bracelet that I intended to take to a party to sell, as my friends are always getting goodies from me, but my little girl was ill and so I left the party early;  consequently not showing anyone what I had made!!

When I started out yesterday, I never intended to make the items to a theme, but when I had finished I realised that I had used sacred symbols and the colour blue in the pieces I made. This often happens when I craft, I just sit down and see where it takes me, I find it super relaxing.

Firstly, I made some earrings featuring my favourite symbol - the Om. These dainty little earrings are set on Sterling Silver earwires and are so sweet!! They can be yours for just £7.00. Perfect for gorgeous, festy outfits; or for when you're in a spiritual mood and want to share the love.

Secondly, I made some sweet, gypsy-style coin earrings, they go with anything summery and I made myself a pair, too, while I was at it ~ I liked them so much! I'm planning on taking up belly-dancing soon, so may well wear these in my outfit to give it that tribal feel. These are also have Sterling Silver earwires and can be yours for £7.00

Thirdly, I made some beautiful Triquetra earrings, the best thing about these is the bead I used as a drop...they are a beautiful blue and were from a piece of jewellery that had broken, so I salvaged the beads and put them to good use. I love finding new homes for beads and bits of broken jewellery so they don't get wasted or go into landfill. They (like all my earrings) have Sterling Silver earwires and are £6.50

Lastly, I made this lovely Hare charm bracelet featuring natural shell discs in shades of blue, cream and brown...I was thinking of a moon-gazing hare when I made it, so that's why I chose the colours I did. I made this with super strong jump rings and it looks great on. A lot of work and love went into making this! It can be yours for £15.00

Please contact me at the_crafty_hippy@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested in any of these sparklies, or if you are interested in my Introduction to Jewellery Making class (see Classes tab at top of page). Thank you !!

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